If you can’t have a laugh at La Tomatina, there is probably no hope for you. Every year, on the last Wednesday in August between 11am and 1pm, the little town of Bunol in the east of Spain is almost literally painted red – by over 125,000 kilos of tomatoes.

It’s one giant throwback to the rebellious days of adolescence as complete strangers spend two hours hurling ripe fruit at each other and generally causing total mayhem. The rules are simple: squash the tomatoes before you throw them, don’t throw anything else, and… well, that’s it. La Tomatina has been part of Bunol tradition since 1945, when a food-fight broke out in the town square. Since then it has gained international renown. So handpick your fittest friends, grab some tomatoes and go forth. Oh, and trust no one.